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While football has been our primary focus since 1997, Global Football has also organized other amateur sporting events and educational sports tours, and will continue to expand our horizons as interest develops. Through our extensive network of coaches and athletic administrators around the globe, we are capable of creating special events in most any country, and in virtually any sport. With our travel partner professionals in America, Europe, Latin America and Asia we can custom design a travel, training and competition itinerary to meet any team’s goals and objectives.

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Celtic Open Lacrosse Festival 2015
Next July, with Ireland Lacrosse, U-19 and an Open division players from across the Globe will meet in Limerick, Ireland for the July 4th Festival
9 days of exciting travel and games!
Friars Ireland Rugby Tour 2014
This past March Fenwick Friars Rugby Football Club spent 10 exhilarating days of sightseeing and rugby!