Global Football has been the world’s largest exporter of American football since 1996. We have organized and produced¬†games and events in 23 different countries on 6 continents. The events and tours have involved 14,000 curious travelers from 350 schools, each encountering a positive life-changing experience, while enjoying the ultimate team-building opportunity. We provide amateur student athletes of all ages, their coaches and families, the chance to travel and learn.

These amazing experiences provide participants with exceptional exposure to unique cultures and lands. To add to this extraordinary opportunity, they get to play football, competing against a local international team, or another American squad! Patrick Steenberge, founder of Global Football and former University of Notre Dame quarterback, personally organizes and manages each tour and event. Patrick communicates prior to and throughout the trip, with the coaches, parents and players.

Global Football has firmly established and nurtured this unique opportunity for participants to travel, learn, compete and create the memories of a lifetime. Come join us in the Global Stadium!